b'Genesis G4 Notes & Tips: Genesis G4 Notes & Tips:Create extended checkout circulation: Extend circulation oSend Readers home with more items for an extended period.oCheckout library materials to a date that exceeds your normal number of Circ Days.oCheckout by setting the Default Due DateCAUTION: Closing and reopening Circulation will reset and blank out the Default Due Date, Renew and Hold will also honor the Default Due Date.Anyone who wants to work from home? With such uncertainty regarding what or how we all may be affected by Library closures because of this virus; anyone who might want to have access to their library program from a home-based computer can call our Support team. We would be pleased to provide access.Work on your records, add book cover images, review weeding reporting, thinking of adding Genrefication? LRMS will be available to assist, answer questions or implement changes. New Genesis G4 Library Informational Guide LEARN MORE ABOUT G4:This new document can be viewed and downloaded from the LRMS.com website, simply use your computers Browser and search for our website at www.lrms.com. You can access our site using any device, Chromebook, Smart phone, iPad, Mac, or PC.G4 Genesis Help Guides 8'