b'Gen esis G4 Notes& Ti& Tipsps::Genesis G4 NotesK- 12 Schools School Year Setup requirement! Most of these set-ups are simple, but if you are new to the Genesis G4 program you can always contact the LRMS Support group by calling 877-700-5767 or sending an email to support@lrms.com. Should you call and perhaps we miss your call please do leave us a message with your contact name and call back number along with a brief message would be helpful, thanks. Something that is good to know about,G4 has the ability to Transfer groups of students between campus libraries. This was originally incorporated to move the graduating students of one campus to the new campus library as they are promoted to their new school.Promotion when multiple campus libraries exist always requires a sequence in order to promote and transfer students properly, if not done properly would result in combining students together.G4 School Libraries where multiple campuses exist setup were originally setup to allow promotion by transferring students between campuses. This document link will help you in accomplishing this task (Click this link)The key step when your library is setup properly is to always use the promotion sequence beginning at the lower Groups/Grades first. Example: Primary, Elementary, Intermediate, Junior High and then High School. This sequence provides for a graduating group to become available for transfer to the next school campus library.Transferring students also can be used to consolidate students or move students in the opposite direction. Example a new Elementary School has been constructed which now will have Grades K04 where it only had K02. By adding the temporary modification to transfer students from their old library to the new will save the manual entry of students. If you have this need contact LRMS Support for assistance.Also, your Student Information System can also be used to provide a file for updating student and teacher information with just a few clicks of the computer mouse, plus this can be done automatically. (Document Link) Here is a link that may be of interest for an automated service (Document Link) Call us for assistance.G4 Genesis Help Guides 10 Creating or updating the Circulation Calendar within G4'