b'Genesis G4 Notes & Tips: K- 12 Schools End of Year Checkout Challengewhere the number of normal Circulation Days exceed the Last Day of the Calendar. Checking materials out when approaching the date set in your Calendar that represents the last day of your library circulation can be annoying. G4 recognizes the number of circulation days assigned to the Group member and also knows the Last day of any Circulation Calendar assigned to that Group.If left unchanged for circulation G4 will show the Warning Box as shown below, often this warning can be misinterpreted and many times with busy schedules and ongoing checkouts the wrong choice is made when answering Yes or No to this question.ANSWERING YESwill allow the Item being circulated to exceed the Last Day setting in your Calendar, making the item due base on the number of days of the individuals Group for their normal circulation period, continued circulation will receive this warning. ANSWERING NOwill make your circulation due date of this item and all items circulated during this individual due based upon the Last day date in your calendar for your circulation session. A second information frame will open to explain the consequence of answering No (see below) and will offer suggestions. Simply put answering No temporarily sets the Due date to the last Day of your Calendar and only for your current Patron session, once you Checkout another Patron this routine will raise the same warning. Toggling back and forth with Alt + Tab will not affect the Due Date.Choosing CANCEL - Terminates circulation to this patron/borrower. Because the use of the Right click option within visible Active Circulation viewing window which acts as an independent Check-in and Renewal function, G4 will also present these same warnings when using this function. Use the same procedure to set your circulation Due Date.G4 Genesis Help Guides 11'