b'Database Reviews:LRMS does review Library databases, we do this to determine how well the library data or collections have been entered. Here is a summary of what we have discovered. If any one sees that this information appears to apply to your circumstance, I would urge you to contact us. Help is available and is free, take advantage of our support assistance.We also have a Feedback form that we welcome for you to use to share ideas, requests and criticism, this form comes directly to our Support Team, please consider using it or calling us at 877-700-5767. Easy ISBN Cataloging: 1.It appears that the use of the Easy ISBN Cataloging presents issues for some users, if this seems to be your circumstance please contact us. There is instructional documentation at the LRMS website listed within the G4 Help Guides & Download menu. Look within the Catalog Management menu for these documents. a.We offer free assistance and live demonstration for the use of this G4 cataloging tool. b.Simply give us a call. Online LRMS hosted Library Catalogs (OPACs) Why is it that many? Online Library Catalog: LRMS has always maintain a library catalog for its Library Web-based Online customers. So often we see that the Library or the local website makes no reference to the library catalog. Given permission - Allow your borrower/students the ability to Reserve books for pickup, Renew books and even receive email notifications when their profile include an email adds. Library OPACs have always been included within the services we provide.Contact our support team for assistance and your OPAC link information. G4 Genesis Help Guides 9'