b'Change the number of Group Circulation Days to a Date : This is another method to avoid having G4 Warnings for exceeding the Last Day of the Calendar. Every group Circ Code would require changing from Days of circulation to a Fixed Return Date and then changing back to Days of Circulation for the next school year. Remember to save this changeLRMS does not recommend using the Force Due Date this late in the year and for reasons often found within libraries where items from years ago are kept in Active OPEN Circulation within an individuals record maintaining open circulation. It is recommended that situations like this truly need to be addressed; open aging should be added to the account side of the individuals record closing the open circulation, fines or fees can be assigned, circulated materials can be adjusted to reflect loss, damage, etc. But more importantly the aging of circulation and the unpredictability of why this aging exist or whether the materials connected to this aging exists can cause an unpredictable out come when using the Force Due Date option. If these conditions exist contact us to discuss available options.G4 Genesis Help Guides 13'