b"Pandemic- COVID19 G4 Update release March of 2020 and now we are approaching 1 year!Little did any of us know about what was going overrun our lives and country? COVID19 has turned our normal lives into one of huge adjustments, all of us at LRMS are here to help and pray that all of you are well and safe during these times.Managing differently has now become a reality, many libraries have been asked to implement the standard G4 features for cataloging and circulating the many devices and Textbooks needed for local student activities and home learning. We want to help everyone during these times, we will always be available to help you, should we miss your contact we ask you always to leave a message or email regarding your contact. COVID-19 G4 Press Release LRMS is implementing an option known as Shelf Hold to comply with recommended sterilization practices of returning library materials.We have also added and expanded the cataloging and searching of managing 1 on1 Technology equipment for mobile devices circulation Self-serve circulation is also being used by many libraries where the student or borrower will use the G4 Kiosk like circulation tablet or computer to Checkout, Check-in and even Renew their library items If anyone would like to have your home computer setup to access your library program, we would be please to provide this service at no cost to you and your library. Contact us to make this request to support@lrms.com or call 877-700-5767.COVID-19 Important Links:Courtesy of the Library Technology Guides. Scientists find virus still Detectable after six days on four common library materials when stacked! Courtesy of the American Library Association: Explore ALA's free COVID-19 educational resources. Courtesy of the CDC: Guidelines & Guidance Library G4 Genesis Help Guides 1"