b'Genrefication has recently been recognized as a way to make finding reading materials of interest so much easier especially for fiction reading. Cataloging and marking shelving areas with readers favorite Genre has improve an interest within the library and has notably increased circulation. Adding Genrefication within the library makes finding reading materials easy; patrons appreciate finding materials of interest that have been organized by Genre.Library staff have an opportunity of promoting materials to patrons who gravitate to these genre areas. - Update to Express Check-in - LINK Many libraries have little time to provide ample time to class or patron library visits in getting items checked in quickly before checking out new items. Now Book Drops or stacks of materials pose no problem. o Express Check-in is a wonderful fast option for checking in large stacks of books or Book drop items, quickly and easily. o New larger easy to understand screen presentation. o Scan barcode after barcode up to 125 items into the Fasto Check in Status list and Click CHECKIN. G4 will check-in allof these and will update the borrowers. o Added new capability to display & print and have saved Exceptions and Results of Check-in. oSuccessful Check-in Results display a detailed description to include Barcode Number, Title and Borrower Name with the ability to print. o Exceptions will display an Exception reason, Barcode number and associated Title if available with the ability to print. o Instructions are shown on the Express Check in Screen.G4 Genesis Help Guides 14'