b'Technologydistribution Suddenly the COVID-19 Pandemic force the need to create a way to handle the distribution of 1-to-1 surge of technology equipment to patrons, students and teachers.Libraries are now called on to manage, catalog and circulate materials outside of the normal books found within the library.Many libraries are asked whether they can manage large quantities and distribute Chromebooks, Tablets computers, iPads, MacBooks PCs, Chargers, Mobile Hotspots, and more.G4 can easily manage expanded Collections to include these high value Mobile Devices.LRMS has established customized cataloging templates and reporting for this purpose. Using the G4 universal importer option these items can be added individually from a spreadsheet, in just a few minutes hundreds of technology items can be imported and numbered for distribution. LRMS does not restrict or limit the number of collections within the G4 Library program.Available now, simply contact LRMS. G4 Genesis Help Guides 3'